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Camper van solar power – a step-by-step guide

Below you will learn everything you need to know about building a solar power system on your camper. It is an excellent way to stay off grid and keep your appliances and gadgets alive while off grid.

A simple solution with no battery

With a really simple solution you just need a solar panel, wires and a charge controller. Most simplistic charge controllers have USB ports where you can connect your device right away. For safety it is strongly advised to add a fuse and a circuit breaker on positive wire.

A basic solar solution to start with

Below is a simple schematics I built initially in my camper van to get things going. I wanted to store some the energy I created from the solar panel you can use the same charge controller to store the energy in a battery.

So in this solution you need

  1. Solar panel. – See the post on: how to choose a solar panel
  2. Wires
  3. Charge controller. – See the post on: charge controllers and inverters
  4. 20A fuse
  5. Circuit breaker – See the post on: circuit breakers
  6. Battery – see the post on sizing a camper can battery
  7. Inverter – See the post on: charge controllers and inverters
  8. Fuses for the rest of the 12V appliances you plan to install to be run off the battery power (e.g. lighting)